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The Program

Seminars overview

The IACC Canada program consists of four, six day seminars offered in webinar format, approximately every six months. Courses can be attended for the interest value only, or for credit towards the IACC Canada diploma, Registered Architectural Colourist.

Seminar 1 - The Experience of Colour

  • Colour theory fundamentals

  • The human senses

  • Colour and materials

  • Professional colour design project presentation guidelines

  • Colour systems in theory and practice

  • Perception and response to colour in the architectural environment

  • Architectural aspects of a given space


Seminar 2 - Colour Design Programming

  • Awareness of colour and form

  • Visual ergonomic aspects of colour design

  • Analysis of existing colour design solutions and the consequences for well-being

  • Colour design scope of work

  • People and colour in the workplace

  • Colour design elements of offices and workplaces

  • Colour planning fundamentals

  • Materials collage

Seminar 3 - Logical Design with Light and Colour

  • Lighting technology - principles, concepts, demonstrations

  • The influence of light and colour: daylight and artificial light

  • Physiological reactions to colour stimuli

  • Biological aspects of light

  • Psychosomatic effect of light

  • The influence of light and colour: daylight and artificial light

  • Paint technology and application

  • Material, colour and finishes, application techniques workshop

  • Colour in education, schools and kindergartens

  • The profession of colour design

Eero Saarinen Chapel at MIT.jp2

MIT Chapel - Eero Saarinen

Seminar 4 - Applied Colour Theory

  • Colour as a psychological means of expression

  • Analysis of existing colour design in senior’s residences and long-term care facilities

  • Analysis of lighting concepts for senior’s residences and long-term-care facilities

  • Programming for the design of senior’s residences and long-term-care facilities

  • Colour in hospitals and psychiatric facilities

  • Colour and Living

  • Colour and Cityscape

  • Colour as a medium in communication, marketing and advertising

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