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The Program

Seminars overview

The IACC Canada program consists of four seminars, presented in two-day segments offered approximately four times a year, in webinar format. Courses can be attended for the interest value only, for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), and/or for credit towards the IACC Canada diploma, Registered Architectural Colourist.

Seminar 1 - The Experience of Colour

  • Colour Theory Fundamentals; Colour Mixing

  • Colour Systems; Applied Colour Theory

  • The Human Senses

  • Perception and Response to Colour in the Architectural Environment

  • Architectural Aspects of Space

  • Colour and Materials

  • Professional Colour Design Project Presentation Guidelines


Seminar 2 - Colour Design Programming

  • Awareness of colour and form

  • Visual ergonomic aspects of colour design

  • Analysis of existing colour design solutions and the consequences for well-being

  • Colour design scope of work

  • People and colour in the workplace

  • Colour design elements of offices and workplaces

  • Colour planning fundamentals

  • Materials collage

Seminar 3 - Logical Design with Light and Colour

  • Lighting technology - principles, concepts, demonstrations

  • The influence of light and colour: daylight and artificial light

  • Physiological reactions to colour stimuli

  • Biological aspects of light

  • Psychosomatic effect of light

  • The influence of light and colour: daylight and artificial light

  • Paint technology and application

  • Material, colour and finishes, application techniques workshop

  • Colour in education, schools and kindergartens

  • The profession of colour design

Eero Saarinen Chapel at MIT.jp2

MIT Chapel - Eero Saarinen

Seminar 4 - Applied Colour Theory

  • Colour as a psychological means of expression

  • Analysis of existing colour design in senior’s residences and long-term care facilities

  • Analysis of lighting concepts for senior’s residences and long-term-care facilities

  • Programming for the design of senior’s residences and long-term-care facilities

  • Colour in hospitals and psychiatric facilities

  • Colour and Living

  • Colour and Cityscape

  • Colour as a medium in communication, marketing and advertising

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