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Cheryl Spina Dudley, Ottawa, Canada


Cheryl Spina Dudley is an award-winning interior designer and architectural colour designer, with over 30 years of experience in the application of colour in spaces for public and private sector clients. She is a certified colour consultant and past president of the International Association of Color Consultants, IACC, North America. In her thesis work, she explored the application of light and colour in specialized public environments, as well as the development of functional and aesthetic colour solutions for application in these environments. Cheryl has taught interior design fundamentals, in addition to colour theory and application, to various audiences. She is a member of the Interior Designers of Canada, the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario, and the International Association of Color Consultants. She directs a design group that educates professionals on ways to compose holistic and sustainable colour solutions for the well-being of people in public spaces.


In 2017, Cheryl was elected President of the IACC Canada. IACC Canada offers the complete Salzburg seminar curriculum in English. This colour education and certification program prepares people for practicing the application of colour theory, primarily in architecture, interiors, and industry.

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Edda Mally, Vienna, Austria


Edda is a professional visual artist and colour designer with over 45 years experience creating, making, installing and exhibiting contemporary mosaic art. Her works have been installed world-wide. She organizes and participates in international mosaic exhibitions.


She studied at the Academy Fine Arts Vienna (Rome & Ravenna)), University Vienna, (Bologna, & Ravenna), and the Summer Academy Salzburg with Oskar Kokoschka. She also studied Stage Design with Gunther Schneider-Siemsen, and earned the Diploma IACC Academy Salzburg.


In 1990, Edda became responsible for the organization of the IACC Education, Seminars for Colour and Environmental Design in Salzburg, Austria. In 1994, she became Deputy President, IACC. She is an IACC lecturer in Salzburg, Japan, Milan and Canada. Her extensive experience preparing colour projects includes a variety of public spaces, including kindergartens, children’s villages, schools, retirement residences, a Red Cross Emergency Centre and an Education Centre, the Spanish Riding School, Vienna, medical offices, restaurants, as well as private residences.


Edda is internationally sought after to offer seminars on special colour topics.  Her commitment to the evolution and quality of her work and sharing this knowledge can be seen by visiting her website at › en › welcome-to-edda-mallys-website

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Markus Anderegg, Switzerland

  • Colour in urban space and public transit buildings

  • Colour in historical buildings

  • Colour and cityscape

  • Acoustics and colour design

  • Workplace in trade and industry

  • Colour and hospital

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Alexander Karnutsch, Lana-Südtirol, Italy


Alexander Karnutsch, (Dott. Arch., Dipl. Farbdesigner IACC), is an architect and interior designer, and studied architecture in Austria and Sweden resulting in

a thesis on urban design in the context of the interdisciplinary fields between scenography and architecture. He collaborates with several architectural offices in Italy and Austria, and works as stage-designer and technical consultant in various theatrical productions in Italy, Austria, Germany and Russia. He graduated as a colour designer IACC in Salzburg, Austria. Today he works as a freelancer in Italy and develops architecture and interior design projects. He gives seminars on the theme of colour in architecture in Salzburg, Austria and Italy.  

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