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The IACC Colour Designer

The training of the IACC Colour Designer goes beyond the traditional training in colour that may or may not have been taught in architecture, interior design, or other design curricula. Traditional colour training covers primarily colour theory, but not more complex theory and application. The core curriculum of the IACC’s education program covers a variety of subjects that are related to colour in all of its facets, designed to render the creation of optimal architectural environments and colour in marketing to in-depth colour psychology.


The IACC colour professional is specially trained in the functional as well as the artistic application of colour, and the subsequent human response to it. The goal is to use colour in a more effective way, and to create user-supportive public environments through the educated application of colour theory.

Who we are

The International Association of Colour Consultants, or IACC, is an organization that has delivered a colour design program to design professionals for over 60 years. This colour design program trains and accredits individuals in the art and science of colour and its application in a variety of environments, primarily architecture.


Upon completion of training, individuals can earn the title of IACC Registered Colour Consultant/Designer with Diploma. The IACC Canada seminars are offered in Canada in English.

Founding history

The IACC was founded in Hilversum, Holland, Netherlands in 1957, by Dr. Heinrich Frieling. Frieling was the founder of the Institute of Colour Psychology in Germany, and the first IACC president. The IACC multidisciplinary training program was developed with the participation and collaboration of approximately fifty architects, designers, educators, psychologists, and scientists from twelve countries. The impetus was a scarcity of professional designers who were experienced in the specification of holistic colour solutions in architectural environments, and a need for training in the field. Together with this team, Frieling established the IACC training program that led to an IACC Diploma.

IACC Canada was founded in Montreal in 2017.

Professional philosophy

The underlying concept of the IACC’s professional philosophy is the integration of art and science in the application of colour in architectural environments.


A widespread assumption that colour is simply decoration is incorrect. Purposeful colour design that incorporates the ultimate goals of increased well-being and quality of life, can be achieved through the application of complex psychological, physiological, and technical knowledge in the professional application of colour in architecture. Colour can be approached from different perspectives and disciplines, such as the natural sciences, colour theory, biology, psychology, philosophy, and art. All of these perspectives and disciplines are involved to some extent in the use and experience of colour. The function of designing and planning with colour requires training in multidisciplinary fields related to colour and its influence in the environment. Modern research confirms that our response to colour is multifaceted, and that colour influences us both psychologically and physiologically.

IACC Lecturers

A special IACC committee of nationally and internationally recognized experts monitors the educational program in order to keep the curriculum current. This committee consists of experts from the professions of architecture, art, interior design/architecture, lighting, and psychology. The lecturers are primarily members of this committee. Guest lecturers are invited to lecture on special topics.

Accreditation process

Earning the IACC Diploma requires the completion of all four seminars, successful completion and presentation of design assignments, mostly in the area of architectural environments, colour psychology, and marketing, the passing of an oral examination, and the successful completion and acceptance of a thesis.

Non-Accreditation Participation in the Education Program

Participants who do not wish to obtain the IACC Diploma may participate in any session in the four seminars for the information value.          

IACC Professional Association membership

As a separate entity from the IACC seminars, the IACC professional association

represents individuals that have met IACC qualification requirements and have met the qualifications as members of the association.


In Canada there are two levels of membership:

• IACC Registered Member

• IACC Associate Member

IACC Academy - Salzburg

Seminars for Colour and Environment, Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Seminars curriculum is taught in German.


IACC Canada

Seminars in Applied Colour Theory for Architectural Environments

IACC Canada Seminars are taught in English.


Other programs

The IACC has conducted introductory courses in several countries. The IACC multidisciplinary education curriculum has been adopted as a model in many universities, often as post-graduate courses (e.g. Berkeley, UCLA). The IACC has also assisted in the establishment of the curriculum for the Masters of Colour Architecture offered by the Faculty of Architecture Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal, and teaches some of the courses in the Masters program there. Unique versions of the Salzburg curriculum are offered in the U.S., Japan, and Italy.

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